Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Greetings
Food Spread (Kristina, Dana, Kelly)
Katie's pile of loot
Guess the number of diapers in the cake
Dani and Sam
Cute little dress from Mary Heather (Carol and Kimberly)
Ella, Kathy, Mom
Sherry, Carol, Kimberly
Obligatory Katie bump shot
Noah's Ark from Carol
Summer dress from Kristina (Kimberly and Cynthia/via ipad)
Front baby carrier from Parker Grandparents
Baby bouncy seat from my parents
Mom, Mary Heather, Karrina
Thanks everyone
Ivan and Kelly you both lucked out, I do not have a good shot of either of you. :( Katie received many other wonderful the things, this is just a snippet of the fun that was had.

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