Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Patriarchal Birthday

Someone has had a birthday...... and he received a deliciously yummy Mock Lemon Meringue cake. I had a few bites of a piece left I just polished off tonight.

Having a good time.....
Ha, ha, ha ..... the camera caught you anyways. Kristina made homemade coconut macadamia ice cream.

Ben tricked me and when the picture was too be revealed it became apparent he had switched it out with a mirror. Birthday boy enjoyed the picture of himself for a while.

When he tired of himself the really present was subbed back in on the easel.

A close up of the acrylic painting.

Kitty Guest

My coworker is on a two week vacation and her daughter's kitten Gracie has come to stay with us. She has made herself right at home.

She had been curled up in the planter enjoying the bed of chives but of course by the time I get the camera and she sees the swinging lens she goes and moves.

Scrapbook Get Away

Here are the fine ladies I spent my scrapbooking weekend get away with at a "cabin" on a lake outside of Bellingham.

The great table of all things creative being modeled by Karrina.

Instruction on card making. The lady on the right is a Stamping Up representative.

My cute little squirrel friend at the camp. I think the ones at the lake are much cutter then the ones at my apartment. Though they are always chattering.

Displayed are the cards I made at the cabin in addition to scrapbooking. Also the new stamps I came home with.

Pretty in Red

I was to meet with a group of ladies for a scrapbooking weekend. I put together theses cute little party favor gifts to share.

I reconstructed and apron I previously made and like the results much better. It has two nice big pockets on the front but they blend in. The ties are cool because they attach to the rest of the apron by threading through button holes. Out of the access of the fabric I have cut out an apron that is only 60% the size of mine that I planned to sew together as well. The free pattern can be found here.