Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Time

Today was my sister's birthday and this is the cake from the top secret recipe I slaved to make the night before. The cake it self is coconut flavored. Four layers with coconut custard between two of the layers and lime curd in the middle. It was then covered with a butter cream and toasted coconut.

Here the now 27 year old is getting ready to blow out her candles. Not sure if she remembered to make a wish. Between the aluminum foil and white cake my flash reflected more then I would have liked.

Here she is opening the present from Ben and I. We got her eyewitness guide books to Greece and Italy. This is the area of the world she would like to take her next big trip to some day.

Exclaiming over the birthday happenings. Kristina had dressed with a tropical theme to try to coax the sun out on her birthday. It looks like mom too was trying to go with the them with a tropical looking shirt, though mostly covered in this picture.

Waiting for some cake.

Ah, the cake, the really reason we have birthdays. The curd was a little thin so the layer wasn't very think so we added extra curd on top of our cake slices.

Bright Green

My sister and one of our co-workers also has a July birthday. At our monthly meeting for our department I gave them each one of theses cool margaritta bath sets. It is a wash cloth and soap in the glass with scented Epsom salts in the shaker. I used my cricut to make the lime cut outs for over the soap and my copic markers to color in the limes on the tags at the bottom.

To match the theme I made these yummy Coconut-Lime Cupcakes from a recipe I had been saving and wanted to try. This was planned before Krisitina picked the coconut lime cake for me to make on her birthday.

I have a new friend who visits me almost every morning. I think the squirrel likes to sleep in on rainy weekend mornings to as it didn't come to visit as early this morning.