Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not all creativity is dead

Today I tried my hand at making Gnocchi. I do not think I've had it before. It wasn't bad and I think it turned out how it was suppose too but not my favorite to have all the time.

Ben the master cotton candy maker. Turns out the small cotton candy machines don't spin as fine of a web of sugar so wasn't as fluffy melt in your mouth, so the surprise graduation gift is most likely going back. However, we still love cotton candy!

I made a catnip filled fabric snake for the kitties to play with but the catnip most not be as fresh as the stuff in the toy my brother-in-law gave Bagheera. His toy gets loved this one gets ignored. With better catnip should have been a hit.

More Company in the Third Decade

The reason we have birthday's is so we can celebrate with cake right? Or at least I thought that was the goal. ;)

Now to just get a slice or so of it on my plate. Yum. This was chocolate cake with a custard filling.

Decisions, decisions... I told her she had to decide if she wanted to be turning 30 or 3.

One of her little friend's was delighted with her three year old present options and was disappointed when told adults like to just look at in the box vs open it and play with it. Hopefully after all the company left that rule changed.

Supervising the happenings to make sure everyone remained under control.

Another lovely party guest. Why can't my good friends all live closer?