Monday, May 23, 2011


My sister was in a mutual friend of our's wedding. She is obsessed with all things Disney. Kristina dreamed up the gift of a welcome sign that she bought the supplies for and had me create. The above is the finished product.

Ben assisted with a Chili cook off social at our local church. One of his responsibilites was to come up with participation prizes and a grand prize. The participants received individual spatula's and the grand prize winer received a flexible measuring cup stuffed with a double spatula set and dark chili chocolate.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ben's new love

This is Ben's new bath tub toy. He plans for many adventures this summer on it. I think the down side of this new toy for him will be trying to decide where to take it first. :)

It has a cozy little spot that is protective from the elements. To read more about future adventures and see more pictures of his new little bath tub toy click here to be direct to his new blog site. I think it's cool that the boat's name is "Dreamer."

Over the hills and through the woods

We went to visit my Parker set of grandparents in Goldendale two weekends ago. As an early mother's day present the Easter bunny left a new blender at my grandparent's house for grandma. A bunch of different bunnies collaborated together on the gift.

The healthy bunny card I created to go with the Easter/Mother's day blender.

The Easter bunny after she had finished laying her first round of Easter eggs to be found by their lucky recipent.

The hunters are quick so you have to be stealthy with the camera to catch one on film.

Little Red Ridding Hood's grandma received a basket of goodies. I think Mowgli felt left out that he didn't get to go in the basket to grandma's house.