Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank you cards

I received some Joann gift cards for my birthday and one of the things I bought was the "Mother's Day Bouquet" cricut cartridge which I used (in my electronic die cutting machine) to cut out the flowers and leaves I used to decorate my thank you cards with.

I thought these were cool because they were assembled like little match books, I stole the idea from here.

See opening.....................................................

Opening wider.............................. and a lovely place to write a note.

I made these for my immediate family. Mine looked just like these but I forgot to take a picture.
I stole the picture and down load for the card on top here.

I accompanied each gaggle of marshmallow peeps chicks with a coordinating plush peeps bunny that I trust will last much longer. :)

Bye bye twenties

My birthday was celebrated at my sister's apartment. Seems like a lot of the big Holiday's get to end up there (Hmm....). Started with some excellent food (cheese and crackers), in the middle excellent food (lasagna, salad, raviolis, homemade brownies, lemon meringue bars), and at the end great food (ice cream cake).

Smiling because we are eating yummy food and are together.

One party game, "Getting Down and Dirty," involved seeing how many worms you could dig out of a pudding pie using chopsticks in your left hand. Think we had a minute. Also think I was the winner.

My smart aunt deciding to leave before Kristina made her participate in chubby bunny. The game where you see how many marshmallows you can cram in your mouth and still be able to say, "I'm a chubby bunny."

Not sure how many bunny marshmallows I was at here other then if the other two hadn't caved I could have continued on. Funny if it wasn't for my nose this picture kind of makes my face look like somebody just bashed it flat with a frying pan.

The other two said participants who will love being on here, but some how didn't end up with any good non chubby bunny photos of my aunt Carol. However, made sure to include one of myself first to even the playing field.

Love the cute little lady bug candles. Funny that none of us noticed my name was spelled wrong on the cake until looking at pictures of it afterwards.

Aw, mom gave me some pretty butterfly stickers.

MH gave me a waffle cone maker that I am anxious to try out.

Had to include a hunny bunny picture. :)

Kristina is so talent it. Look at her Van White abilities with her toes.

The patriarch showed up to share in the fun times and good eats.

You can do it! Bee creative and you too can throw a beeautiful party for someone you love.