Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last week

A lady at work is having a baby. They had a shower for her this past week. She is suppose to be due March 27. I'm hoping he is born on March 26 so we can share the same birthday.

Here are a couple of bleated Christmas cards I finally finished.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Checking in with Mowgli

I found both Bagheera and Mowgli sitting on chairs at the table. As I started taking picture Mowgli had to move closer for a better look.

Taking a little snooze in a cozy location.

Buddies sharing a bed, at least long enough for some cute pictures.

Mowgli has taken to jumping up on our shoulders and riding around the house perched there.

Peekaboo, he found another place to explore.

Ben had a pretty bouquet of red roses delivered to me at work on Valentine's day.

Mowgli inspecting my flowers when I brought them home, of course.

Seattle Trompings

View from on top of the space needle, we were there.

The view of the water front skyline complete with sports stadiums.

A reflection of the pretty snow flake like decorations inside the space needle.

Sisters on top of the need in the cold wind. You could almost lean into it on the one side of the needle.

Snuggling to keep warm.

Warming up in side with a hot drink.


All that tromping around Seattle desires a foot massage.

Attempting to ice skating on the snow cone topped rink located at the Seattle Center. Suppose it should have been a clue that there was no Zamboni.

See, Kristina is proving we had ice skates on. Good thing she didn't put them behind her head with those blades. :)

As could and wind as it was one moment there was at least a spot of blue sky.

After topping the needle and ice skating we took the monorail over to Westlake Mall area.

Ben was wanting to hop in the empty drivers seat and pretend to be the driver.

Kristina is suffering from some sort of weird face twitches again.


Christmas was at my sister's apartment again this year. We celebrated a day early with the tree she dragged into her apartment and set up all by herself, though Ben and I attend the official tree lighting ceremony.

There was a mommy bear.....

baby bear.....

papa bear (unwrapping the nut butters I made him)....

hubby bear....

and Goldilocks rejoicing over the Cricut (an electronic die cutting machine) that showed up not under the tree but in baby bear's bedroom.

Mowgli's first Christmas.
Starting to unwrap his present...
Trying to decide if maybe it would be more fun to attack Bagheera then open his present.

Following his obsession to try to fit into any small space he has not previously inspected.

Craft Projects Since My New Job

Since my new job and holidays I haven't done as much crafting, and have not posted that which I have done. Therefore this is a recap post of most of my projects. Two of my cousin's have a little boy around the age of three. For these two little boys I made Crayon Rolls as a Christmas present.

I also didn't get nearly as many Christmas cards made as I had desired but these are examples of the two card designs and I used for the cards I did get made.

My mother-in-law's Birthday was in February and this is the card I made her using my Cricut (an electronic die cutting machine) I received for Christmas.

One of several Valentine's cards I made this year. Hoping to me more on top of it for Easter cards because I already have plans.

One couple I know is fostering two little girls they hope to be able to adopt. I made each little girl a monkey and stitched their name in on heart on the bum.

One of the other sewing projects I did do for Christmas was to make several people mug organizers. One use is organizing pens.., on ones desk.