Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cookie Exchange Party

This year I hosted a cookie exchange party. It was tons of fun. Each guest brought individual packages of cookies to exchange and a few to share at the party.

We played several party games. One involved a Christmas cookie cutter that you had to pass left and right according to when those words appeared in the story. The person left holding the cookie cutter at the end of the story got to take it home with them.

Another game involved deciphering Christmas song titles. For example SN = silent night and ISMKSC = I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause.

The game in progress in the picture above involved try to unwrap several layers of wrapped boxes while wearing oven mitts. Mean while a die was passed around and when ever somebody knew rolled a six they would take over trying to unwrap the gift. The person with the gift when the last box was unwrapped got to keep the contents.

A great time was had by all.

Mowgli all tuckered out.

Few Crafty Items

I have still been making crafting things though less with the business of moving, new job, and holidays. More pictures to eventually come. The above picture is one of the Crayon rolls I made as a Christmas present for my cousin's son. I was really pleased at how it turned out.

I made this card for one of my friend's birthday. She really likes bees. This particular card has a lot of different texture elements.