Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peacock Cards

Fun with my Cuttlebug and Peacock images. The texture of the background paper on the card on the left reminded me of Peacock feathers even though I don't think it was meant to.

Kitty Cuteness

Aw, little kitty likes to snuggle up to your face and hands.

He also likes to use your fingers like his personal pacifiers.

Kiwi is always intrigued by all the sucking sounds. I think she thinks somebody must be having something good to eat but isn't sharing.

Just hanging out, much better then sleeping in his box.

"Do the Puyallup"

I am behind on my posting. A couple of weeks ago Kristina and I met up to go to the Puyallup fair.

One of the first events we enjoyed was the mutton busting. Their was a mascot dancing prior to it starting. I had trouble sleeping that night because I was rocking out in my head to the mascot dancing to peppy songs.

The object was for each child to hang on as long as they could. The three children that day who hung on the longest received free tickets to that days Rodeo.

We also stopped to watching the horse drawn wagons preform. There was a really cool high dive act too but we didn't take any pictures. In addition to the cool shows we enjoyed walking through the different exhibits and eating the fair food.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Project Favorites

I just spent a few days with Mary Heather. We blogged about our time together on her blog which you can view here. I found several really cute free patterns this evening. The first is for this Blueberry Chocolate Squares quilt.

While I don't need a Halloween apron I like the style of this apron.

I thought this sewing caddy was pretty cute.

Tortilla Cozy

Acorn Doughnuts

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creepy, Crawly

For my non Facebook family and friends here is a video of the squirmy little one.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ben's Birthday/Ben's Kitties

Ben started off his birthday morning feeding a baby kitty and eating birthday scones.

For birthday dinner he had a birthday ice cream cake to chase down the haystacks.

Not sure if he remember to make a wish but had to blow out those candles before they started to melt the cake.

Opening presents, always a pleasurable endeavor.

A nice electric blanket to keep him warm on those cold fall and winter days that are all too close.

Both of Ben's kitties hanging out on his side of the bed in the morning. This picture really should have been rotated.

Such a cute little baby kitty, so soft and fuzzy.

And of course the ultimate soft and fuzzy kitty, Bagheera.