Monday, July 19, 2010

Packing up

In addition to packing our bags we made sure we packed our stomachs before getting on our plane. Ben's mom had a recipe for waffles that called for club soda instead of egg whites so we were testing it out.

I love eating waffles for breakfast. We also had coconut, toasted pecans, blackberries, syrup and whip cream for our waffles. There were also breakfast veggie dogs and homemade lemonade.

I don't think I could have eat much more when all was said and done, but it was so very good.

Our bags are waiting to get on their flight home. Unfortunately, we had to go along with them.


After church we went to the house of a friend of Ben's parents who had beach front property. What a great way to spend Sabbath. Ben and I walked down the beach in one direction to a Sheerwood Forest (a beach we had previously been to) and back. We saw several Man of War jelly fish that the waves/wind had washed up on shore. I enjoyed walking so the waves splashed up my legs.

Ben also walked up the beach in the opossite direction and watched a crane pull a boat out of the water that had crashed on the shore the day before.

This beautiful plumeria tree was located in front of the lady's house.

On de Boat

Ben's parents live on a boat in Oahu. Their boat's name is Maranatha. When they retire they are hoping to travel amongst different islands and volunteer at our Adventist schools.

This little buddy was running around the marina dock.

Since it's Hawaii it's manditory you snuggle at least a couple times. :)

Captain Tony of de boat Maranatha.

North Shore Take Two

The second day we headed to the North Shore we took the scenic route as well as stopped by the macadamia nut farm. I took several pictures out the car window while moving that day so they are not the best photos but they get the essence across. The above photo is of China Man's Hat a famous little island. I have a children's book about this island.

Random beach photo.

Pretty green hilly photo.

Cool rock formation photo.

Us in front of cool rock formation photo.

As we were traveling we kept passing shrimp farms and shrimp stands. I was like, "Mmmm, shrimp," and Ben's dad kept teasing me by saying just say the word and I'll stop. So since I didn't want shrimp I kept saying, "Pineapple and green coconut," as that was what I wanted. No sooner had I said that then in the next mile we passed a stand that had both. :) Score! The inside of the green coconut is so soft it is almost like eating Jello.

Finally, we reached Waimea Bay (which is Ben's favorite beach) and went snorkeling. I do love snorkeling. We snorkeled at the left end of the beach which is the foreground in this photo. We saw some fish as well as at least two sea turtle. One of the sea turtles was missing a front left flipper.

Most Hawaiian license plates and all drivers licenses have rainbows on them but it wasn't till Friday that I saw any. Then they kept showing up ever where. Granted it was mostly dry until Friday. We stopped at Aoki's shave ice in Haleiwa for a treat. The previous shaved ice I had gotten was more traditional flavors. This time I got mango, guava and coconut.

I think the "Bird of Paradise" flower is so pretty.

The only sunset shots I took was inland while riding in a van so this is the best I have to share.

Waikiki Date Night

This statue of Duke Kahanamoku is located on Waikiki beach. Duke was known as the "Father of International Surfing." There is also a web cam pointed on it. So had you been look at the right time you would have seen us.

This guy just showed up at about 6:30pm and started blowing his conch shell in all directions below the based of the statue. Not quite sure what that was all about.

Some friends of ours surprised us with a gift certificate to go out to eat in one of the restaurants located at the Hyatt hotel. This waterfall was located inside the restaurant. We selected the Colony as our restaurant of choice. It was decently fancy and had excellent service.

Tropical/Tall/Frosty drink, it doesn't get much better. Mine was called a Lava Flow. It was a pinacolda drink with a hint of bananas and strawberries.

Our meal came with a starter of a large warm bread roll with shaped butter and a brushetta like topping.

I had a large Caesar salad and the trio of potatoes purees (garlic, mashed, sweet Okinawan).

Ben also had the side of potatoes and salmon fillet on kiwae wood. This picture is a little off as it was taken on a cell phone.

For dessert we ordered this huge chocolate cake that was meant for two. It was 16 layers tall. The frosting was a ganache with chocolate flakes all over it. Lets just say I was ready to pop at the end of the meal.

When we left the restaurant we came across these baby pineapples growing in the hotel.

After eating we wandered down the street for a little while and through the International Market. We the side walk we saw: a magician, a spray paint artist, henna tattooer, Elmo, a silver man, musicians, portrait artist and people selling homemade jewelery.

And here is a shot of part of the Waikiki sky line at night.


Vince Tylor takes a nice picture. Too lazy to scan my postcard and didn't get a picture. Anyways, we went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay one afternoon. Ben thinks the fish were the friendliest here (we went snorkeling in three other places too). Here we had six turtles sightings.
*We saw one of the turtle poop and it looked to much like human poop for my liking. Especially as the turtle was not much further than arms length in front of us.

This is Ko Olina Lagoon #4. In Ko Olina there is a a big resort with four man made lagoons. We started and ended at lagoon #4. At lagoon #4 we tested out the waters but it was pretty shallow though great for all the little kids enjoying it. Then we walked past the other two to lagoon #1. Lagoon #1 had fairly good snorkeling though no turtles or squid. We enjoyed the view at lagoon #2 and sun dried at lagoon #3 (I feel strangely like Goldie Locks.)

North Shore

This was our first day on the North Shore (we went twice). Believe it or not the photo above is the famous Pipeline known for great surfing waves. However, this day was during the wrong season so relatively flat. There was actually small wave action but it was breaking close to shore and the beach slopes down but I was shooting straight across so you can't tell.

Picnic time! I was starving! We had spent the morning snorkeling at Shark's Cove. In addition to fish, we had two turtle sightings and saw six squid all swimming together.

There is something about fresh baked french/sour bread that just seems to hit the spot after you've been playing in the water.

Makapu'u Beach/Island Snow

I often left my camera in the car because this year we were all able to go in the water. :) As a result I didn't take as many pictures on the beach and there are no picture of body boarding or snorkeling. Last year I had a waterproof camera for some cool under water pictures but we didn't buy one this year.

This beach is Makapu'u Beach and it is located on the east side of Oahu. Ben's dad is given the thumbs up for come on in the water's fine.

This hill and lighthouse boarders the left side of the beach. There is a trail if you want to hike to the light house.

Aw, how cute! Splashing into the waves together.

Posing for a picture before we get clobbered by a wave. Actually I think were far enough in to avoid it that time. Some of those waves really pack some power. I was tumbled multiple times and shoved against the shore where the beach could be come one with my swim suite.

After Makapu'u beach we went to another beach called Waimanalo Bay Beach Park (a.k.a. Sherwood Forest). Caught a couple good waves while body boarding there. All that wave action called for a nice cool treat afterwards. We headed up to Kailua for Island snow shaved ice.


If you have never tried Malasadas and you get an opportunity try them. They are a Portuguese pastry that is popular in Hawaii. You can get them with filling or rolled in cinnamon or sugar. I think my mother-in-law put it well we she described them as tasting like a cross between a popover and a doughnut as they are slightly more eggey and airey.

We lucked out that one of the mobile Malasadas vans happend to be parked only a couple blocks away from from where we were staying for that particular week.

My only regret is we only got them once. They make them hot while you wait and you cannot eat just one. I want to try using an online recipe to make some of my own.

China Market (Honolulu, HI)

Here Cynthia is picking out sour-sop. We used it to make a really good slushy by adding frozen lemonade concentrate, sprite, water and ice.

Mmmm, pineapple. I use to think I didn't like pineapple because all I had ever had was the stuff from a can but fresh pineapple is way better.

Ben was going to get some durian to try, my dad thinks it tastes like a cross between maybe vomit and turpentine, but it wasn't worth $20 to try.

We were going to get some dragon fruit to try but forgot to get some and never made back to the China market. Ben's mom said it tastes kind of like a cross between strawberries and watermelon.