Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Leaves

Today I went to a class with my aunt and cousin to make cement leaves. These can be used in your garden or where ever else you wish. My leaves won't be dry and ready to paint until at least Wednesday but these are two cement leaves that were for sale at the plant nursery where the class was taught. The larger leaf had a price tag of $40!

We had piles of sand on the table which we shaped into little hills that provides a nice shape support to which ever plant leaf we picked for our design. Then we covered our sand with plastic wrap and held it in places with stones. The next step was to rinse our leaf to rid of sand particles. The leaf was then placed face down on top of the sand hill. There was a cement with binding agent type mixture we then piled on top of the leaf until we had created the desired shape. The whole thing was then covered with another layer of plastic wrap and left to dry. Once dry I will need to clean out small leaf particle that might stick in the vein lines. Then I will be able to use acrylic paint to paint it and then some sort of sealant on top.

Shop Hopping

This year I personally hoped 5 different quilt shops during the hop. The quilt shop pictured above is Carriage Country Quilts. Their quilt block had a cute little squirrel on a black background. I learned that the lady who designed that quilt has a little squirrel in her yard that always visits her and it brings its babies each year. She named the little squirrel Sidney. This quilt shop even has fabric bolts in its bathroom and kitchen.

Parkland Parish Quilts is located in a cool building. The lady stamping the quilt passports was dressed up and standing in a "confessional booth." They have several old pews that they use for displaying fabric bolts in the middle of the store.

The Wild Rose Quilt Shop in Orting, WA has a very nice selection of fabric and a retreat center located upstairs. The quilt shop owner's husband was dressed up an old fashioned western Sheriff and made you follow him so you could get your passport stamped before you "crossed the boarder."

The Shibori Dragon has lots of cool Asian and batik fabric. They also have a good bead section. If you are into felting with roving wool they sell it by the ounce off of bulk bundles.

This cute little froggie was at the Shibori Dragon. He was created using two of the cordinating fabrics for this years shop hop. I was tempted to buy a pattern or kit to make him but for the moment have resited temptation.

The Quilt Barn in Puyallup use to be located in a barn but I've only ever been at its new location.

At the Quilt Barn I bought fabric so that I can make additional quilt blocks when my friends share some of the patterns they collected from other shops. I also bought extra for turning the 8 quilt blocks into a cute child's tote bag. I'm thinking if I have extra I might make a crayon roll.

As I still have fabric left from past shops I have yet to use up I tried to restrain myself from purchasing too much new fabric. However, I did pick out some new fabric at the Wild Rose. I'm thinking of using the pastel fabric to make either two bibs or one reversible bib. They are only fat quarter sized pieces. The two chunks in the back are both half yard cuts but I haven't decided what I will use them for yet.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Tuesday

I tried out a receipt for baguettes today and used up leftover strawberries/rhubarb to make mini pies. Both were well received. I forgot to slit my bread till it had already been in the oven a couple minutes so they didn't turn out as pretty on top as they other wise would have.

I went for a walk while I was waiting for my bread dough to rise. I found this purse discarded in the ditch along side the road. It is ESPRIT brand which looks like after a comparable google search might have been a $50 purchase.

It was strange that these leg warmers, or whatever they are, were the only two things in the whole purse. You would think they would at least be matching. I called the Sheriff's office and even though it didn't have any money in it they still stopped by and picked it up.

Father's Day

This is the Father's Day card I made for Ben for being Bagheera and Kiwi's father. They also gave him Mario Kart for his DS Lite. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been keeping busy lately helping with funerals, camp meeting, interviewing, helping Ben with nursing applications and I'm not really sure what else. However, I haven't done as much creating or at least not that I can share. The above card was a thank you card I made to send out after my last interview. Father's day cards can't be pictured yet.

All my outdoor plants that are still alive after the winter: chives, oregano, marjoram, strawberries and blueberries. One of my blueberry plants had a baby alder growing in it. Both my blueberry plants have long root that desperately wants out of the pot. When my parents get settled in a new location I think I'm going to plant my blueberry plants there. This year I have only used my oregano cooking.

My Loves

I was bored and decided to put a dolly dress on Bagheera and take some pictures.

While she didn't hate it, she didn't love it but she is oh so cute!

Bagheera sleeping in her bed that I placed in her tent like triangle thing she received as a gift from Nate & Sam. Now Ben can stretch his legs when ever he wants because they are now inferior to this set up.

Kiwi was guest blogging for me. I did not put her on my keyboard. Think she climbed off me to get there and proceeded to taste all the keys.

Bagheera hoping to be able to play with Kiwi. Kiwi had decided to run down off me so she could eat stray seeds and pick at fuzzies on the floor. Not sure if I was her and Bagheera was right there I'd chose to run around on the floor but I digress.


My cousin Jana graduated from Auburn Adventist Academy at the beginning of the month. It's hard to believe it has been 11 years since I graduated from there. I think it would be over whelming if at that point you could see all that would occur in even just eleven years. Makes me wonder what experiences they will have to look back on in eleven years from now. Cute pic of them two so just focus on the left side of the picture.

Jana and her mom (my aunt carol) with uncle Al standing in the background.