Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Fresh Bread

This bread is fresh out of the oven. However, it already no longer looks so pretty as I have started to consume it. I must pace myself though because nobody else is home at the moment and I really should save some for the rest of the crew. Definitely enjoying my new baking stone. I hope to try some homemade pizza on it later this week. Today was nice and sunny so I spent a little time paying attention to my plants out side. Found some nice big worms too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rise and Shine

My eyes had just barely been peeled open in time to catch a glimpse of the pretty sunrise on Mt. Rainer.

My fun project for the day was completing this sweet little sundress. I'm stash building in case I have my own little girl someday. If I only have boy babies, or sadly none at all, then either my teddy bears will be well dressed or I will be prepared for future baby showers. :)

Besides the dress I also made some fudge today. It remains to see if it will set up correctly. This dress by Rae can be found here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Puzzle Completed

On our honeymoon I was sick a couple of days and one of the things we did while I was sick was put together a Jody Bergsma puzzle we bought in town. We brought it home with us and framed it. For our first anniversary Ben bought me a second Jody Bergsma puzzle. Due to some many shades of blue, a few more pieces and a kitty who wanted to help this puzzle was not complete until I enlisted my mom in a kitty free environment.

After sitting in my closet it complete for many months Ben glued it for me today so I could frame it. Now when our 4th anniversary comes around in May it will already be complete.

Good Eats

I recently purchased a used cookbook. Today I tested out the recipe for Garlic Turkey-Broccoli Stir-Fry. I substituted a can of braised gluten for the turkey. It turned out delicious.

One of the things I purchased with Christmas gift money was a baking stone. Today I used it to bake a loaf of Honey Wheat Bread.

I took the liberty of rolling out the dough and sprinkling on brown sugar/chopped walnuts/apple bits. Then I rolled it back up for its final rising and then baked it. It does not appear that it will likely survive the night. :)


Saturday night I helped my cousin Dana celebrate her "29th" birthday. She loves cherries and thus her birthday cake was a home made cherry cheese cake.

There were two sets of gifts: gag gifts to make her laugh and regular nice gifts.

This is her younger sister Aimee. Aimee and her other sister Melanie planned the party and baked yummy Lasagna.

This is Aimee's little boy Elias. He was having fun running around with one of the balloons. Turns out he really enjoys having his picture taken.

The ruse for Dana's surprise party was that it was a party for Melanie's son Ethan, aka Superman. He enjoyed running up to you pointing at his shirt and yelling "Superman."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pot Pinchers

One of today's projects was finishing these pot pinchers. I'm not very good at adding bias tape with the sewing machine so I ended up hand stitching it all away around on both sides. I am proud to say I finally finished.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amy Butler Gift Set

It seems I know a lot of people right now who are getting ready to celebrate one special event or another. This tote bag, gift tag and coordinating card feature the designs of Amy Butler. I posted previously about finding a free pattern for this bag online. Now to overcome the temptation to keep it. ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweet Baby to Be

I finished creating my baby shower gift today. A reversible Kimono and Kimono shoes with a matching gift card. I just wished I could be present at the shower.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hanging Out

My little Christmas Tree set up with in the background with Reindeer Tigger standing guard.

A good post isn't truely complete without a sisterly cheesy grin. :)

My sister bought the New Super Mario Brother's video game for Christmas. Ben and I have joined her in playing several times since. It's pretty fun because in this version you can all play together at the same time and help each other. Or make fun of each other. LOL.

The Many Faces of Christmas

Ben took this picture basically showing of the macro capabilities of our new camera thanks to Christmas money from Grandparents. Your gift will be much appreciated for many years to come. This post still has mixed pictures but from this post on most pictures will be from the new camera.

Psychotic woman. Anyone wish to tangle with her in the Kitchen? It looks like she is prepared so bring it on.

Crazy or Challenged? You decide. At least you can tell it was nice an sunny outside.

This is a posed picture in that I said wait don't move I've got to get my camera. The bow stuck itself there. Most hilarious in my opinion.

Christmas Morning

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree why is it always so late in the morning before we get to thee?
Ben received the game "Settlers of Catan" from my sister for Christmas. We have played it twice so far at it promises many more hours of fun.

Part of the goal of Christmas is to bring out your inner child. What better way to revert then with a box of Crayola color crayons and a coloring book.

A time to encourage hobbies. Kristina used this kitchen scale in baking that beautiful loaf of bread pictured in an earlier post.

A glowing fire always adds to the ambiance, even if its heat does make you shed a couple of layers. :)

Santa Clause minus his hat this year. Somethings just didn't get unpacked.

While Bagheera did not make it to my sister's house for Christmas I didn't want her to be forgot after all her help with decorating and wrapping presents.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Domesticated Sewing

Here is the unveiling of not only my first two sewing projects of 2010 but also my first two pictures uploaded from my new camera. I finally installed all the software. The first project was a book bag made using a Heather Bailey pattern. The pattern was a Christmas present.

The second project is a pretty pillow case using Hoffman Fabrics "Spring Street" line. The fabric was a Christmas present and the pattern is out of a quilting magazine Ben's grandma gave me.

Culinary Efforts

I was over at my sister's house this weekend and she had fresh bread, made from scratch, that came out of the oven while I was there. She used her baking stone which I am getting one of thanks to a wonderful Christmas present.

For new years I baked a giant cupcake in my new Wilton Giant Cupcake baking pan.

I was impressed at how easily and beautifully it popped out of the pan. A high quality baking pan really seems to make a big difference.

Here is the finished product. I was going to pipe the frosting on top by my frosting decorator bag thing is still packed. I have an even better picture on my new camera but haven't downloaded this pictures yet and wanted to share with the few people I haven't already shared it with. ;)