Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Thangles Are All About

I didn't make these blocks but they are also based on the Thangles technique that the recent shop hop blocks were based on. I wanted to share a you tube link that shows how you use Thangles. So for those of you who hopped but still don't quite understand it this will explain it. I purchased the 2.5" set if anyone wants me to share.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Preperation

I have been working on my Christmas table top pattern from my Figgy Pudding charm pack. It is now ready to be sandwiched with batting and backing and then quilted. Or a may just use fusible interfacing and forget the quilting. I have matching red fabric for the back and will have at least some of it show around the edges of the top.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Southwestern Washington Quilt Shop Hop

Today was the day I participated in the Southwestern Washington Quilt Shop Hop. Here is my sister posing at our first stop while looking at some fall colored fat quarters. She ended up with a Moda Layer Cake and Me and My Sister pattern to maker herself a throw quilt on her new sewing machine.

My cousin Stephanie went along as well. Here she is at our last stop checking out how bag she liked was constructed. She is currently taking a sewing class at the academy.

On this hop each store gave you a free fat eighth piece of black and white fabric along with a Thangles pattern piece. These are the different fabrics I collect.

And these are the different patterns I collected. *Attention Mary Heather* I want to see pictures of the patterns you collected at the stores you hopped at.

I did really good today and only bought the half yard piece on the right and the fat quarter on the left. Most of my shopping was done vicariously through my sister today. :)

This is actually a picture I took in June in a shop that was participating in the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. My sister just delivered the book she purchased for me to be able to make this pattern. I like the looks of the variation on the left best but probably with different colors.

This n' That

Random things I have not yet blogged about. Here are the bumble bee cupcakes I made for my friend Mary Heather's birthday.

Aw, my little cutie pie has not been in enough pictures lately. She loves snuggling with her Ben.

Here she is peaking out at me from her favorite snugly spot.

Blurry as it maybe you get the idea of the Fall gift tags I made. I also added glitter around the edges with a glitter pen after taking the picture. I got the cool variations of orange around the edges by using distress ink.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Huston Quilt Market 2009

They just held the fall quilt market for this year in Huston. Quilt market is where shop owners go to preview new fabric and place orders for their quilt stores. Different people ended up posting pictures and videos of their sneak peeks at the market. There were two different My Mind's Eye lines coming out that I like. The one pictured above is"Andrea Victoria" and will be released Feb/March 2010.

The other new My Mine's Eye line I liked is Summer Song and will be released Mar/Apr of 2010.

I also came across a photo of a dress that Pillow and Maxfield have a pattern for that I really like. I hadn't previously heard of this design team. Ironically, Heather Bailey has a similar new dress pattern coming out as well. Next Fall Sandy Henderson Has a book called "Sewing Bits & Pieces" coming out that uses fabric scraps which sounds like it could be potentially interesting to get. Anna Maria Horner has a new book coming out as well that will feature patterns for babies.

Time to get a good night's rest as tomorrow is the Southwest Washington Quilt Shop Hop and I am planning to hit up five local quilt shops with my sister and two cousins.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Cuteness

Here is the baby overall pattern I chose to use for the owl fabric I bought. According to the pattern I had only bought enough fabric to make a small pair of overalls but I lucked out and was able to squeeze a size large out of the fabric. Lets just say I have very little scraps left over. There might be one spot that I could could cut out a 5" square but the rest is pretty much little strips.

Since I am on this cuteness kick check out the cute baby blocks I saw in a magazine. There are four appliqued animals that you can mix and match their heads and bodies by rotating the blocks. The animals included are: a giraffe, a frog, an alligator and an elephant.

This is the equivalent in blue. A set of two blocks costs $25. I am going to copy the idea and make my own. I was able to find a picture of all four appliqued animals on the Internet.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Stash Dash 2009

Ah, here we have my partner in crime Mary Heather. Sunday morning we started out on our adventure to travel to six different quilt shops on the Olympic Peninsula with the purpose of collecting free fat quarters in yellow/blue from the different quilt shops. But we both know it is an excuse to hang out and shop for fabric. After a whirlwind day full of laughter, fabric and crepes we concluded our mad dash at just after 5pm, having to plead to be let into the last shop. If you go to all the shops you get entered into a drawing to win some pretty cool prizes.

This was my haul of, "Oh that's so pretty I must get it even though I have no idea what I will use it for." I have since decided that the cute owl corduroy print will be for making a pair of baby overalls.

This collection of fabric is of smaller pieces but is for making the Cherry wall hanging I previously posted about. (Now why can't I spend the day sewing vs. having to be at work?)