Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iris Folding

There is a cool card making technique called Iris Folding. It reminds me of the paper piecing I have done when quilting. It requires little strips of paper layered in a particular order to fill in a shape. I checked out a book called "460 Iris Folded Cards to Make" when I was at the library last. This is the only shape I've gotten around to trying so far. The book tells you to use envelope strips but I used strips I cut out of old magazines.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Distress Ink

I have been playing with distress ink lately. There is a technique called stamp resist where you you stamp and emboss an image before inking the paper. The image then repels the ink which makes the end result look really cool. The picture above is a card I made using this technique.

Here are a couple of the gift tags I made using this technique. It involves stamping these special water reactive pads on a smooth surface. Then you spritz the inked areas with water so that the color beads up. By pressing the paper onto the inked surface you can choose to pick up an assortment of colors which will can then overlap and bleed together. A heat gun is used to dry the ink on the paper.


We went fishing the other day and here is a picture of the cute little trout we caught (and released). Friday I was hired for a new job and will start Monday. I also did the Puyallup Fair with my friend Karrina from Bellingham.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Techniques

One of my newest scrapbooking/card making items is Perfect Pearls. Perfect Pearls are loose shimmery powders that can be incorporated into one's projects in a variety of ways.

One way is by using Perfect medium to stamp an image and then using a thin brush to brush on your desired pearl color. You than use a larger brush to remove any excess. I choose to use several colors on my fall leaves.

I was having trouble taking a picture of this technique so take my word for what your suppose to be looking at. Here I first stamped an image an then embossed it. Perfect pearls can then be mixed with a tiny spritz of water and applied like paint. I painted in the main part of the mittens with a purple pearl color and the buttons on the wrist with a green pearl. You can also use them to create/paint a solid or patterned background to work up from.

I have also been experimenting with distress ink, since I did not buy a fancy applicator I discovered that using a makeup wedgie to apply the ink works quite well. (Since having my genius moment I have discovered that I have not been the only one to think of using this alternative application method.)