Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surviving the Heat

I finally got around to make the mouse pin cushion that I wrote about months ago. Bagheera was in charge of supervising. After all, it was a mouse pin cushion. I will post a finished picture later when I get around to taking one on my real camera. I believe I shall name my mouse Nemo as a friend suggested he was like the fish when I told her one ear had turned out slightly larger than the other. :)

And not to be forgotten, here is a picture of Kiwi who kept flying down and pestering me when I was trying to read.

Pictured above is one of the brand new projects I intend to create. This is a coupon clutched used for sorting out your coupons. With a few minor adjustments I think it would be great for holding recipes too. It would probably work great for pictures too. This clutch was made using the charm pack Objects of Desire by Sandy Gervais and manufactured by Moda. I loved the colors so will be using the same charm pack on my first clutch. This pattern can be found in Moda's Bake Shop where they have a whole bunch of cool patterns/"recipes."

*To prove how much I love coupons I took two coupons to Safeway today. One was for a free pint of ice cream and the other was for a $0.99 box of Rice Krispy bars. When I went through line my total rang up as -0.51. I assumed they had keyed something wrong. However, it turns out that the manufacturer's coupon for the ice cream saved me the regular price of the ice cream even though it was currently on sale. The point to this story is they paid me $0.51 to take a pint of ice cream and a box of Rice Krispy bars out of their store and ended up saving 107% of my purchase. I love coupons and free stuff. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Project Diversity

The first project up is my Buttercup purse sewing project. I really like how this turned out. I have been working on several other sewing projects but they are top secret. I'm using my available time to get a head start on Christmas.

My uncle's birthday is this week and my mom requested I make a card for her to give him. This is my attempt at a manly birthday card. Considering I love glitter, flowers and butterflies I thought I did pretty good taming it down. :)

I spend the most time making cards and sewing cool projects but I also like to draw. Some of the features looked better before I tried going over my pencil marks with ink. The one hand just needs helps but turned out better than I had hoped in other areas.

Birthday Girl

My sister is now 25. To celebrate we went out to eat as a family at the Cheesecake Factory after her plane arrived from San Diego. I had fun wrapping up her presents from dad all fancy.

They put a candle in her cheesecake and wrote Happy Birthday Kristina on her dessert plate, plus helped to serenade her.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Other fun potential projects

Cute paper pieced sewing machine (Paper piecing is an easier way of putting a block together that involves sewing it on paper and then ripping the paper off the back). A few other similar blocks can be found here.

A fun new sew Easter project. No Sew Bunny Tutorial

Cute Treat Tote to show I have not forgotten about paper crafting. :)

Pin Cushion and Thread Catcher (Option 2) If I can be disciplined to cut my threads off and put them in a catcher then one could be really helpful.

Bags for every occasion

Charm Pack Tote Bag Pattern I have found that my blog is a nice place for me to store fun projects so I can refer to them later. My search today started out looking for a tote bag that I'd like to use for my trips to the library. In the process I found a lot of other cute bags.

Simple six-pocket bag.

These cute little grab bags can be used for many different things one of them be a lunch bag. Finished bag size is 13" x 8".

Buttercup bag tutorial This bag is made using fat quarters. Finished size is about 11.25ish at it's widest x 6.5ish tall. I am not sure if when the pattern is enlarged if fat quarters will still work but if pattern is enlarged (125%) on a copy machine the finished bag is 8.5 x 13.5.

Jordy Bag Tote I think the idea of an applique on the front matching the lining turned out really cute.

14" x 11" x 3" Tote Bag I like the different strips of color on this bag.

Hex Open Bag Frame Tutorial (aka) Knitting and Craft Tote Bag Tutorial. This bag is suppose to be big enough that your needles actually fit. There were several other cute bag patterns on this blog.

Christmas in July

I found this cute Christmas table topper pattern on line today. It is a free pattern and there are several variation options. I thought this would be a fun Christmas project to work on.

Speaking of Christmas, I recently purchased a Figgy Pudding charm pack (A charm pack is a 5" square of each different fabric design from a particular line). I thought this fabric might look cool in the pattern I just found though I might need to buy some yardage in order to have big enough pieces for the pattern.

My local craft store is having a Christmas in July party tomorrow with sales, refreshments and door prizes so I might have to drop in.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fall Stash Dash 2009

Well, as of today I have almost finished seven of the quilt blocks that I collected during the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop 2009. At this rate I need something new to look forward to right? I found out they have a similar hop called "Sew Oregon" that goes through July 4th but that is a little far away from me. However, there will be a Fall Stash Dash again this year on the Olympic/Kitsap Peninsula. Last year there were seven stores that participated but this year there will only be six as the Port Hadlock store is relocating. On the dash you receive fat quarters instead of blocks. Ben drove me around last year to all seven shops. In 2008 the quilt was green and red. This year it will be yellow and blue so I might have to see if I can go. Instead of making a quilt last year I made a tree skirt instead.

I also received a flyer during the quilt shop hop that there will be a fall shop hop October 23 thru November 1. There will be twenty stores participating and they will be handing out blocks like the main hop and not fat quarters like the dash. It looks like Orting is probably the furthest shop north and then the rest are south down to Vancouver and west out to Ocean shores, skipping the Peninsula.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kimberly's Sweat Shop

My most recent project, hot off the machine today, is this really cute half apron made using fabric I bought with my friend at the Kingston quilt shop a couple of months back. There you could buy the same fabric in a kit to make a pillow case but I did not think I wanted a pillow case from it. (Plus it would make me hungry when I needed to be going to sleep.)

This is my quilt block made from the pattern I received at the Wild Rose quilt shop in Orting, WA. This block was my second block that used the paper piecing technique.

This block pattern was from the Calico Cat quilt shop in Auburn, WA. The little triangle sections on the sides also used paper piecing. I'm trying to do most of my block with little sewing pieces first then I will work on a bunch of the blocks that require appliqueing or embroidering.

The pattern for the fourth block, that I have totally complete, came from the Parkland Parish quilt shop in Tacoma, WA. In the center is the first fabric yo-yo I've ever made. I followed the step by step instructions in Heather Bailey's tutorial to complete it. I had a lot of fun making it even though I still don't particularly care for how they look.

When I was vacationing in Hawaii I was pleased to get an oppurtunity to stop at two quilt shops. The fabric I used to make the cover for this compensation notebook was bought in Hawaii.

The inside front cover has several pockets. There is also a ribbon attached at the top for marking your spot.

Coon Invasion

Momma raccoon, aka Ricky, has been batting clean up on the cat food and any scraps we might throw her way. Earlier this week she decided to introduce us to her troop. She has a total of four babies.

These two little ones made it up into the rafters. They sure were not very graceful when it came to figuring out how to climb back down. The mom raccoon kept making little throat sounds to her babies and would start to growl if you opened the door, though when she's by herself she does not growl.