Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quilt Shop Hop 2009

I personally made it to 16 quilt shops this year spread across three days from Arlington to Eatonville. On Friday my mom accompanied me to four of the shops. Here she is picking up her quilt block and getting her passport stamped at the Quilt Barn in Puyullap, WA. In the background is some one's finished quilt shop hop quilt from 2008. I still have to complete my quilt from last year.

This is the quilt block the Quilt Barn handed out this year. I just made this block up today making it my first block completed for my 2009 shop hop quilt. This was a paper pieced block and I'd like to thank my friends mom for giving me over the phone directions to help me brush up on my paper piecing skills. She taught me hope to do my first paper piecing block last year over the phone. :) I'd also like to thank several of my friends who hopped shops in there area for blocks for me.

I think a big part of the reason the quilt shops all ban together and hold the shop hop is to get you into their shops to purchase fabric. Rest assured I didn't let them down. Above is most of the fabric that found its way home with me. The top two fabrics on the right are themed for babies/little kids, I can't wait to make something sweet from them when I figure out what it is I want to make. The two fabrics on the bottom left I think will make a cute pot holder set.

In addition to the fabric in the picture above I also purchased two other fat quarters that I have already used to make this cute little pouch. It is reversible but I like this side the best.

My goal is to finish up a twenty block quilt for both 2008 and 2009 before the 2010 quilt shop hop. I inspected several of last year's quilts that different shops had on display and have a better idea how to complete some of the applique blocks I was holding off on so I think my goal should be more plausible now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Petite Quilt

Here is a picture of a quilt top I made the other day using some of Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom fabric. I should have taken a picture the other day when I had it nicely pressed because I was too lazy to press it again today. I only used three different fabrics so ended up with touching colors in some places but it is extra noticeable when the pink fabric touches. I am hoping that once I quilt it and put the binding on maybe it won't stand out so much.

As a side note I am excited because the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop starts this Wednesday. My goal is to make it to eight stores on Wednesday and then another eight stores on Sunday with my mom. I also have three or four friends who are going to pick up blocks for me at other participating shops. I am hoping to end up with 20 blocks so that I can piece together a 5 by 4 block quilt. When I finally unpack all my boxes I have 19 different blocks from last year with a few duplicates that I am planning to piece together into a 5 by 4 block quilt as well.

*Update* I have decided I don't like how this quilt went together. I am considering adding two neutral stripes running vertically in the quilt and maybe applique matching flowers on the stripes. Any opinions? Or better ideas? It just seems to need a little breaking up.

More Sewing

I finished my new bag last week and have been having fun using it every where.

There are no pocket on the inside but on the outside there is one big one and two smaller ones on the front, plus a cell phone pocket on the side.

I decided to have some fun with some of the left over fabric and made a tissue holder and zippered pouch to match.

Yesterday was the ABC book sale at camp meeting. They held a drawing for several books and mariners tickets at different intervals during the sale. Right near the end they were doing another drawing and I was like "Kimberly Ingersoll" and then he was like "Kimberly Ingersoll." So this is a picture of the book I won. It is put together by the same gentleman who does the Christmas in my heart books. This is a compilation of heroic animals stories.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Bag

My sister is going to be on a trip on her birthday so she received her birthday present early. This way she can choose to use it on her trip. This bag is similar to one I had previously made myself except the strap is a little shorter, there are pockets in the front, a buckle to help keep the flap closed and she chose a different color way.

Here you can see the pockets on the front. Inside the back is a giant open space which is big enough for magazines.

I really like the messenger style bag because it allows hands free and you don't have to worry about it sliding off your shoulder. I'm going to sew myself a bag like the one in the top right corner. The brown butterfly fabric on my sisters bag is the main fabric for this bag but I have two different complementary fabrics to go with it that are different then what she selected.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am waiting with eager anticipation for June 24-28 to arrive so that I can go on the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. Since I lived on the Peninsula last year I had a lot of helper elves who helped me collect 19 different quilt blocks with several duplicates to spare. I have been slacking because I think I've only finished about five. This year I have high hopes of attending 9 plus stores personally as well as having helper elves to help collect blocks from areas I won't have opportunity to travel to.

Pictured above is the poster my mom picked up for me that displays the blocks of most of the participating quilt shops. There are a few blocks on the bottom of the poster that my picture does not include as well as blocks from a few shops that were not pictured at all. I have been enjoying pouring over the poster and the maps of the different shops. You can click on the image to make it larger.

Turns out the website now has finishing directions up. If you click on that you get a pdf file where you can read the corresponding shop names with each block in addition to the finishing directions.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let them make cards

The nice thing about card making as a hobby/art form is that there is always some reason to give a card. I had a pretty productive card making weekend. I made four cards but only remembered to take a picture of the last two before the envelopes were sealed. Now if only I could enjoy equal success at holding my camera still when not using the flash.

This card gave me the opportunity to use my new birdie stamp and the square frame negative space left behind by one of my cuttlebug dies. I like how the frame worked out and plan to copy this idea again in the future. To give the card a little extra pizazz I added tiny rhine stones to the center

This card is my pictorial representation of the phrase, "Hope your hanging in there" or "Hang in there." I was going to only have the plaid card stock and run it further up but cutting it shorter and adding the blue strip really made it pop. I balanced out the top by adding a little glitter to the vine and a rhine stone flower on the monkey's head.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pass the napkins please

My relate Bonnie was up visiting the other day an told me that you could use napkins to make really cool cards. First a list of what you will need for this awesome project.
* Pretty Napkins
* Plastic Wrap (but not Saran Wrap brand)
* An Iron
* An Ironing Board
* A wooden cutting board
* Scissors
* Blank Cards

Once you have found pretty napkins to use, separate the top printed layer of paper from the rest of the napkin. Keep the unprinted part of the napkin to use as a pressing cloth.

Then lay your card or piece of card stock down on a wooden cutting board on top of your ironing board. On top of the card place a layer of plastic wrap followed by the printed layer of a napkin. Try to lay both layers as fat as possible making sure you have the napkin oriented with the card in the manner you want it to appear when finished.

Next place the unprinted section of the napkin on top of the printed layer to use a protective pressing cloth. Then take a hot iron on dry heat, I used cotton setting, and press similarly to an applique. I held it for about 5-10 seconds in however many places it takes to cover the entire surface area. Make sure to get the edges well. You can always look under the pressing cloth to see how its coming. It should be evident if there is a bubble in the middle where it still needs to be heated longer or if an edge isn't holding yet. The plastic wrap will melt and act as an adhesive. I did not have any trouble with the plastic wrap sticking to the wood surface and I was careful not to touch it directly with the iron because I think that probably would have stuck. Once you are satisfied with your pressing job trim the excess off with scissors.

Here are the two cards I made this morning using this technique. I was quite pleased with the results. I wish you could see better the neat texture the napkin gives the front of the cards. It's similar to having a fabric covered card. If you click on the picture you will be able to see it a little bit better. My aunt suggested that less decorative backgrounds work well as a surface to embellish upon. She keeps her eyes open for napkins on sale because its a really great deal considering how many cards one could make from just one package.