Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Fun Ideas

One of my favorite lazy past times is searching the web for fun craft related blogs to read. Yesterday, I stumbled upon the blog "celebrate creativity in all its forms." One of the cool ideas that this blogger had reusing a framed picture she had bought cheap but never really liked the picture. She painted the frame and replaced the picture with cork material. I bet one could find some cool frames at thrift stores to repurpose for such a project. At the Creative Memories party I was at this weekend they had similar frames with magnetic backgrounds for 54.00 so this is a way better deal. On the website there is more about how she complete this project.

Another cool site I stumbled upon was Scrap Map. This website has cool trips/cruises planned to fun destinations that include fun scrapbooking classes when your on the open see with well known scrapbookers. One of these individuals is Donna Downey. I personally had not heard of her until today. I was checking out her blog and really liked the inspiration journals she's made. They have fabric/canvas covers with the pages sewn in using ribbon and grommets. The unique part about her journals is she includes all kinds of different elements to add not only color but texture. She sells some of these journals in her etsy store for $42. If I can find a grommet tool to use I'm thinking about making myself one. They don't look that difficult.

I wish I was still in Kindergarten

So I was never personally in Kindergarten but I would love to fill my days with paper, scissors and glue. This card was inspired by a similar cupcake card in the JAN/FEB issue of Papercraft magazine.

This card made use of one of the cute tags I recently purchased. The only problem with papercrafting is finding a place in the day to due. Work and housekeeping seem to take up way too much of the day. LOL.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday I went shopping with my friend Merry Heathre. Our first stop was the Kingston Quilt Shop. The fabric on the left is "urban couture" from moda. The cupcake fabric is "Sweet Tooth" from robertkaufman. The cupcakes really make me hungry, they look so yummy!

Among our multiple stops one stop was at Michelle's and another at Wal Mart. The clear stamps I purchased at Michelle's for 70% off, what a deal. The birthday tags were at Wal Mart. I want to get Creative Memories new tag punch so these are for inspiration as to what I can make when I get it.

In order for this post to be truly complete there had to be a picture of Bagheera. I discovered this picture on my camera that I didn't know Ben had taken when I went to upload pictures tonight.

Bringing forth monkey life

I present to you Molly #1. I told her to smile for the camera and I think she's doing a very lovely job of it.

Here's a picture where you can see all of Molly #1. She is very cuddly and will make a very good friend I think.

I know this picture is kind of blurry but I am too lazy to take another one. The pattern suggested buttons on the shoes but I did not have two matching buttons small enough so I used these scrapbooking flowers with beads in the middle. I added a similar flower and bead on her head as I opted not to make the optional barre in the pattern.

This is the soon to be Molly #2. She is still flat right now as I am blogging instead of stuffing her. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm aspiring to create

I'm aspiring to begin my next sewing project. I think I will either begin making "Molly the Monkey" (free pattern) or the cute "Little Mouse Needle & Thread Keeper." I need to start some of these fun projects before my Christmas fabric arrives. When I do make "Molly the Monkey" I think I'm going to use the Woodland Bloom Charm pack I have by Lila Tueller. The skirt can be made from charms as well as the sleeves.

Why are pin cushions so cute? I think this will be my fourth pin cushion and I know of at least one or two others I wanted to make.

Friday Funny

I take it that this guy has learned through years of experience that Fabric Stores can be an obsession. You do not zip in and out in under 10 minutes and you don't not exit just the one thing you went to buy. At least I've found that to be true most of the time.

Birth Announcement

Here is a picture of my new baby. It was a Christmas present from my in-laws. It is a Kala Curly Mango Soprano Ukulele. The Curly Mango wood is from Hawaii. I have just under a month to achieve novice proficiency for my trip to Hawaii. She has a very beautiful travel case as well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warm Nights

There has been a change of plans. Instead of waiting to go to Hawaii we are going to go next month. Tickets are already purchased for February 5th-15th. Ah, Vacation, I can't wait! Now if I could just snap my fingers and loss a couple pounds. lol.