Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting in the spirit

Tonight I decided to get a start on a tree skirt so that I will hopefully have it finished by the time I put up my tree. The red fabric is from the Fall Stash Dash and the green fabric is left over from the cute Christmas stocking I made last year. I am using the basic shape and measurement from the Prancing Tree Skirt Pattern but my squares will be Friendship Star blocks from the quilt pattern I was given on the Fall Stash Dash.

This is my trusty sewing machine. Last week I give it a little updating with the help of some sticker bling (notice the flower). The silver outline sticker is a "sticklers" by Sakura sticker. These kind of stickers can be colored in with Souffle 3-D pens but I liked the simplicity without the color on my machine. Note the flower pin cushion in the corner. This pincushion was made from a pattern by Anna Maria Horner that appeared in one of my favorite magazines "Quilts and More." I used a Portobello Road charm pack for the fabric.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let it be Christmas

My big project yesterday was to finish decorating Christmas cards. I saw these cute little Christmas light brads and thought they would look really cute with wire on front of my cards this year. I've also found a really thick needle like you might use in doll making to work perfectly for punching holes for brads.

This evening my ever present helper found herself a nice resting spot inside my scrap booking carry all that I had left out from last night. She also helped herself to the whip cream on top of my hot drink while I was looking for the cinnamon. The November issue of Cooking Light has a delicious White Hot Spiced Chocolate drink.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watching Time Fly

As not to leave her out, allow me to introduce to you my crazy little parakeet Kiwi. Ever since we've had this clock in our house it has been one of her favorite roosting spots when she's out of her cage. The strange part is she likes to lean out over the edge and try to attach the second hand when it comes around. Sometimes she leans to far and falls off before the second hand has a chance to make it all the way around. She's determined that one of these days she will catch it.

Inspired Whimsy

I was on Anna Maria Horner's website the other day and read her blog post about purchasing new colored pencils. This inspired me to break out my colored pencils and my fairy book I received as a birthday present in March 2007 but still hadn't had a chance to use. This is my attempt at reproducing a similar fall fairy as the one pictured in my book. I was amazed by how brightly the colors came through on the leaves. I was disappointed that my pencil tip didn't end up being thin enough to properly color in the eyes. Truthfully there is still a little more I planned on doing with this pictured by I become distracted easily and was soon on to my next.

This sweet little fairy girl is still in progress. She is my attempt at copy a fairy picture I liked that I found on the Internet by a Russian artist. At this point I still do better at trying to copy someone else then think up my own creation when it comes to drawing. I used my new Derwent Studio Pencils for drawing her thus far. My new pencils seemed to be better fitted for detail work than my old pencils as they are better at holding a fine tip.

I just love color! New pretty art supplies. I was considering purchasing Derwent's new Colorsoft pencils because I hate "scratchy" pencils and I wanted pencils of professional quality. Upon further research I discovered that the pencils I already had, Design Spectracolor, where also considered professional quality and similar to Derwent's Coloursoft and Prismacolor pencils. I decided I would just stick with my Design Spectracolor pencils until working on the fall fairy and noting the need for a pencil better suited for small details. I plan to use my new pencils in combination with my old pencils to create glorious "masterpieces" when I'm not sewing, planting, cooking, painting.., you know how it goes. :) Oh, and I suppose I ought to clean up some of my messes some where in there too.

Cabin Fever Quilters

I went to my first quilt show on September 26, my 27 and a half birthday, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. It was hosted by the Cabin Fever Quilters. If your like me and one of those people who almost never has cash on them you will understand this story.
I should up at the entrance of the quilt show with my friend Mary Heather and my three dollar entrance fee in quarter (all neatly placed in a Ziploc baggie) just as the lady in charge showed up to collect any new admission stubs for their hourly drawing. So first things first we went into main building to listen to see if either of us held the winning ticket. After calling several numbers with no response the lady calling out ticket numbers asked me what my number was because as she said to everyone, "Anyone who pays in all change deserves to win something." That is how I came to claim the prize shown above. Incidentally, the author of the quilt book Emilie Richards has also authored several novels that include quilts in the story line that are really excellent. I'm reading her second one right now. The quilt book itself features patterns for several of the quilts mentioned in her novels. I enjoyed looking at the quilts that others had spent countless hours work on, and of course the fabric that multiple vendors had for sale.

Dashing through the leaves

I recently when on the Fall Stash Dash 2008. This involved my husband driving my around to seven different fabric shops so I could collect fabric and pattern pieces needed to make a traditional red and green quilt. I think I'm going to revamp the pattern and make a Christmas tree skirt instead.

Not only did I purchase some really cool fabric amongst all my dashing but I found a quilting foot and a zipper foot that would fit my old Husqvarnia Viking sewing machine. I'm hoping to try my hand now at free motion quilting. Since we received stamps in our dash passports from all the participating shops we were entered in to a drawing in which my husband received email notification a couple weeks later that he had won a tote bag full of fabric. He opted not to taking up quilting so I fell heir to all the loot. :)

The other day I found a narrow shelving/cabinet unit on craigslist that was made for a bathroom but is doing an awesome job housing my fabric right now next to the desk my husband built me.

Birthdays Galore

Nate the Great's birthday was September 28th. We celebrated by going bowling and eating HUGE pieces of cake. I think its only not that I'm ready for another silce. Boy does that sound good about now... yummy!

My aunt Sherry was next on the hitlist. We celebrated her 50th birthday at the Spaghetti Factory on October 18th. Shhh... don't let her know I told you how old she is. She is the one on the left. My aunt Carol is the one in the middle and Brenda, my mom, is on the right.

My friend Mary Heather was the third celebration of late. For her birthday we celebrated by going out to a cute little Italian restaurant named Lanza's. The waiter who brought out her dessert had the entire restraunt sing happy birthday to her. He jokingly bribed them into all singing by saying she would pay each of them $5 if they did because she knew ecconomic times were tough.

Traveling Companion

This is my best little buddy Bagheera. She is named after the panther in the Jungle Book movie. I've also been known to call her Inspector Gaget. On this particular day her inspecting lead me to believe she didn't wish to be left behind. She looked so cute I had to snap a picture. :)

Trial Run

I've decided I would like to have a blog in order to play show n' tell with the things I create. Since I'm a Tigger fan I was thinking about how Pooh has a thinking spot and thus why I now have my creating spot.